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La Cité du Vin funding

An original public and private partnership

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La Cité du Vin was constructed thanks to an original public and private partnership combining public funding with patronage. This construction funding model is unique in France.

Represented by 80 corporate patrons, the private sector thus plays a major role with 19% of construction funding (or €15 million ex. VAT). 

buildER patrons

The “Circle of Building Patrons” represents local patronage. The majority of patrons are from the region’s wine industry, demonstrating the local sector’s support.

To raise the remaining 81%, the City of Bordeaux has managed to rally all local, public and institutional authorities around the project:

  • Ville de Bordeaux 38%
  • Bordeaux Metropole 10%
  • Région Aquitaine 7%
  • CIVB 7%
  • CCIB 1%
  • Département Gironde 1%
  • Etat 2%
  • Europe 15%


The cost of La Cité du Vin totalled €81 million (excl. VAT) on its date of opening, covering land, construction, interior fittings, multimedia production, scenography, general contractor fees, development of the ‘travel companion’, and furnishings.