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The epic tale of Bordeaux

The Permanent exhibition

Bordeaux may now be famed across the world for its wines, but its history has been a series of golden ages and crises. It is thanks to the work of generations of men and women – major historic figures, bold traders, brokers, scientists and wine lovers – that the name of Bordeaux now resonates across the globe.

Even before vineyards were established, Bordeaux had made a name as a wine trading location. Over the centuries it was able to capitalise on this commercial expertise by triggering the creation of vineyards and making a name as a brand synonymous with prestige and quality.

The saga of Bordeaux offers up all the secrets of this lengthy history brimming with adventure and characters: political alliances, the role of winemaking brotherhoods, territorial conquest, the strategies and doggedness of generations of winemakers, technical innovations, commercial daring and inventiveness, and scientific discoveries. 



“A fabulous, highly interactive experience which really allows you to learn about wine”
26 août 2018, Simon W, Trip Advisor

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