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Pierre Arditi

On 30 November 2013, La Cité du Vin’s ambassadors gained a new member in the shape of the passionate French artist and wine-lover Pierre Arditi.

A theatre actor, great wine-lover and on-screen oenologist in TV series ‘Le Sang de la Vigne’ which attracts 4 million viewers per episode, Pierre Arditi talks about wine with sensitivity and enthusiasm: ‘Wine is a drink which titillates the imagination. It reveals your soul, because it removes inhibitions and loosens tongues. It sweeps us away and fills us up. When you drink this red gold, you are drinking the world...’ Pierre Arditi’s words pick up the cultural dimension written into La Cité du Vin’s DNA, in fact its entire humanity, when he describes tasting some favourite wines: ‘I have drunk Mother Earth, I have tasted her blood, her flesh and her winemakers’ hands’.


You will have an opportunity to meet Pierre Arditi within La Cité du Vin’s permanent tour, in particularly at The Banquet of Legends where he plays opposite historical figures who all have a passion for the wine regions of the world.

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