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Robert Parker

The world’s leading wine personality becomes La Cité du Vin’s first great ambassador

On 21 April 2013, leading wine personality Robert Parker used his Twitter account to announce his delight in being named an ambassador for the ‘titanic’ forthcoming La Cité du Vin project in Bordeaux. Describing himself as ‘honoured’ to have been selected to serve as an ambassador, Robert Parker enthusiastically accepted this proposal supported by Mayor of Bordeaux Alain Juppé.

Robert Parker thus became La Cité du Vin’s first great ambassador. He believes that this visionary project charting ‘the origins, uses and glories of wine from Ancient Egypt to the modern day’ will without a doubt become ‘the quintessence, the only destination for discovering everything you want to know about wine’. In Parker’s view, nothing like this has ever been done before in the world of wine, and this project is taking shape with a very broad scope, namely ‘a complete journey around wine’.

While associations such as ‘American Friends of the Louvre’ and ‘American Friends of Versailles’ have been in existence for several years, ‘American Friends of La Cité du Vin’ (an American project funding subsidiary) was created at the same time that Robert Parker was named ambassador. This world-renowned wine professional is thus helping to promote the project in the USA.

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