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Can vines be planted anywhere?

Published 28 December 2017

Ever since vines were first farmed around 6000 BC, humans have tested all kinds of conditions and growing possibilities.

During Antiquity and up until the Roman empire, especially in Italy, vines were often planted alongside other bushes for support.

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Art and architecture in the Bordeaux vineyard

Published 14 November 2017

The heritage of the Bordeaux region gives you no respite: remarkable villages, fortresses, mediaeval châteaux... And what about the contemporary art exhibitions in La Cité du Vin and wine-producing châteaux? When art and heritage come together to make your eyes brim!

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6 > 8 October: A weekend in Canada!

Published 08 September 2017

From Friday 6 to Sunday 8 October, La Cité du Vin invites you to travel to Canada for a weekend. Tastings, conference, concert, screening and audiovisual performance will provide the opportunity to discover the cultural riches of a unique wine-producing region.

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A new cultural season kicks off at La Cité du Vin!

Published 04 September 2017

As the holidays draw to a close, an extensive and eclectic cultural programme awaits at La Cité du Vin in September!

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1 > 23 July: the Tour de France comes to La Cité du Vin!

Published 30 June 2017

As part of the "Bordeaux Landscapes 2017" cycle, La Cité du Vin invites you to get into the swing of the Tour de France 2017. Watch the live transmission of 6 key stages of the Tour de France and taste wines from vineyards crossed by the peloton.

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