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Les parcours thématiques de La Cité du Vin

New: visit the Permanent Tour according to your preferences thanks to the Theme Tours

Published 17 July 2018

Discover the 4 new Theme Tours to visit the Permanent Tour according to your preferences, your wishes or the time you have!

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Pique-nique à Bordeaux, à La Cité du Vin

Where can you picnic in Bordeaux? In the gardens of La Cité du Vin!

Published 11 July 2018

The picnic, that bucolic outdoor meal that combines two fundamental elements, good food and a garden worthy of the name. 

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The Thomas Jefferson Auditorium: a spectacular hall with a historic flavour

Published 09 July 2018

But why does the Thomas Jefferson Auditorium, which hosts La Cité du Vin’s cultural programme all year round, bear the name of America’s illustrious third president? Let us explain!

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What can you do in Bordeaux when it’s hot? Quench your thirst for culture at La Cité du Vin!

Published 22 June 2018

The fine weather is back in Bordeaux and temperatures are rising! Did you know that it’s a good idea to spend two or three hours a day in a cool place when the weather is hot? Thankfully, the facilities at La Cité du Vin are air-conditioned so that you can handle the heat this summer

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La Cité du Vin – an international wine museum in Bordeaux?

Published 01 June 2018

Can La Cité du Vin be considered a museum? A museum of the world’s wines, an international wine museum, a museum of wine cultures and civilisations...
What is a museum? In what way is La Cité du Vin a museum or not a museum? How is the concept of a museum viewed in France? And abroad? How is museum culture changing? 

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