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Art and architecture in the Bordeaux vineyard

Published 14 November 2017

The heritage of the Bordeaux region gives you no respite: remarkable villages, fortresses, mediaeval châteaux... And what about the contemporary art exhibitions in La Cité du Vin and wine-producing châteaux? When art and heritage come together to make your eyes brim!

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01 > 03 December : A Week-end in Croatia

Published 14 November 2017

From Friday 1st to Sunday 3rd December, La Cité du Vin invites you to Croatia. Tastings, conferences, concerts and screenings, as many opportunities to discover the cultural riches of a wine region unique in the world.

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6 > 8 October: A weekend in Canada!

Published 08 September 2017

From Friday 6 to Sunday 8 October, La Cité du Vin invites you to travel to Canada for a weekend. Tastings, conference, concert, screening and audiovisual performance will provide the opportunity to discover the cultural riches of a unique wine-producing region.

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A new cultural season kicks off at La Cité du Vin!

Published 04 September 2017

As the holidays draw to a close, an extensive and eclectic cultural programme awaits at La Cité du Vin in September!

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Tailor-made tours exploring the vineyards of Bordeaux

Published 10 August 2017

Has visiting La Cité du Vin made you want to head out and explore the vineyards of Bordeaux? Enlist the help of the Bordeaux Tourist Office team on the ground floor of La Cité du Vin! With more than 35 trips through Bordeaux’s vineyards, there will definitely be something to suit you: from an eight-seater minibus to a tourist coach, as a half day or a whole day.

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