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Caisserie du Bazadais

The Caisserie du Bazadais is a family business that was founded in 1990. We produce pine wood cases and packs for French chateaux, wine estates and traders, but also for our European neighbours. My son Marc now manages the company.

We wished to support La Cité du Vin project because it will promote values that are dear to our hearts. Wine is the product of culture just as much as of agriculture. In all the wine-growing regions of the planet, from Australia to Pic Saint-Loup, from the slopes and terraces of the Duoro to the climats of Burgundy, it is the reflection of a place, the result of the work of the vine-growers and the legacy of centuries-old know-how.

With all their diversity, the wines of the world are like so many doors that open up to other landscapes, other men and women who create them. On tables throughout the world, wine is synonymous with pleasure and good company. Since time immemorial, sharing wine has been a sign of friendship, whether it bears the label of an exceptional growth or that of an unknown vineyard. Wine is also associated with festive occasions, music and dance.

Lastly, in the vine-growing business as in the tree-growing business, we know that we are planting vine stocks and trees for the generations to come, that we are managing a fragile nature that we must preserve.

It was self-evident for us that we should contribute to transmitting this cultural heritage and this project that will enable a vast audience to understand the world of wine, but also its ethos.

Jean-François DESPUJOLS