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Castel - Barton & Guestier


Castel is a family-run business that was founded in 1949 by nine siblings. Owner-grower, trader and distributor, the company has mastered every step in wine production, from the vine to the consumer. Built on strong core values, Castel shares its passion for the culture and traditions of wine through its expertise in French wine-growing, its brands and its châteaux, marketed through its subsidiaries in France and in 130 countries around the world.

In a forward-thinking and intuitive spirit, Castel has grown while keeping a constant eye on markets and the trends of tomorrow. This ability to anticipate has made Castel what it is today; a company of renowned expertise with benchmark techniques and skills.

Castel combines its values of sharing, conviviality and experience in the wine sector, and these are factors that brought Castel and La Cité du Vin together.

A symbol of the French Art de Vivre with wine produced in keeping with tradition yet in a modern and innovative environment, it was only natural that Castel became a Builder of the project thanks to its shared values with La Cité du Vin.


Barton & Guestier was founded in 1725 by Irishman Thomas Barton and is the oldest wine trading house established in Bordeaux with more than 10 million bottles sold across 130 countries. Barton & Guestier developed a range of AOC classified wines using grape varieties originating from the main winegrowing regions in France: Bordeaux, Loire, Burgundy, Beaujolais, Rhône, Gascony and Provence. Barton & Guestier’s expertise and its partnership with 250 producers guarantee consistently high quality, vintage after vintage.

Thanks to appealing packaging and the latest technologies, Barton & Guestier are able to offer their wines to consumers worldwide. The company’s headquarters are located at Château Magnol, a 30-hectare vineyard in Haut-Médoc, with guesthouses and a Wine School that host around 500 wine professionals per year.