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Château Angélus

Less than a mile away from the famous bell tower of Saint-Emilion and located on the famous south-facing “pied de côte” or “foot of the slope”, Château Angélus is the work of eight passionately committed generations from the Boüard de Laforest family.

Located in the heart of a natural amphitheater where sounds are amplified, Château Angélus is a stretch of very old vineyard where winegrowers could once hear the Angélus ringing simultaneously by the three churches in the land, giving the property its name.

Acknowledged worldwide as one of the jewels of Saint-Emilion, Château Angélus translates all the commitment of a family and a team dedicated to excellence, capturing the essence of the terroir. In the vineyard and in the winery, respect for traditional practices is combined with continuous improvement of techniques to bring each harvest, and each vintage, to its highest level of perfection.

The Angélus style stems from a marriage of thorough vine plantation with an exceptional terroir. As a result of the unique nature of the terroir lying on the southern slopes of Saint-Emilion and its high proportion of Cabernet Franc, Château Angélus’ vintages are blessed with richness, density, smoothness, elegance, a distinct purity, and freshness.

By partnering with the major La Cité du Vin project, Château Angélus and the Boüard de Laforest family mark their commitment to the culture and the heritage they wish to promote.