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Château Beychevelle

Château Beychevelle is a prestigious Saint-Julien Cru Classé whose character has been forged by almost four centuries of history. This architectural gem, known as “The Versailles of the Médoc”, owes its name to the first Duke of Epernon, Admiral of France under Henri III. Boats on the Gironde that passed before his Château had to lower their sails in homage to him, hence the name “Baisse-Voile” (lowering of sails), which became Beychevelle.

Molière was linked to Château Beychevelle during the 17th century; although there is no proof of this in official archives it is likely that the Château’s owner, Bernard Nogaret de la Valette, second Duke of Epernon and powerful patron of the troop, invited Molière to Médoc around 1646 to inaugurate the Château that he had just had rebuilt.

Our longstanding tradition of patronage has continued until today and we are delighted to contribute to La Cité du Vin project.