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Château Cheval Blanc - Château d'Yquem

Château Cheval Blanc and Château d'Yquem, along with their owners, naturally wished to be part of La Cité du Vin adventure. This ambitious project, driven by a whole profession, simply had to become an educational and entertaining nerve centre for the wines of Bordeaux, and elsewhere. By virtue of their situation in the Saint Emilion and Sauternes appellations, Cheval Blanc and Yquem are outstanding symbols of the variety and diversity of the wines that History has passed on to us as a legacy, but also as a responsibility. Our skills are technical and precise and continue to develop. Cooperation with Nature, understanding and respecting it, attention to detail and the skilled hand of the expert, have never been so well developed in grand crus. This is why we encourage initiatives designed to promote public appreciation of these details, this variety, this heritage, and the future we wish to give them.