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Château Fonplégade

Vines have been grown at Château Fonplegade since Roman times, when pilgrims used to stop here to quench their thirst at our ancestral fountain. This is also how Fonplégade got its name, which literally means “fountain of plenty”.

Archives testify of wine-producing activity here from the late 16th century onwards, and thanks to its diversity of soil types, it excellent position facing the sun, and its terroir, our vineyard offers a palette of flavours perfect for producing exceptional wines. Every day the wealth of our history reminds us of the privilege, honour and duty bestowed upon us at the head of this estate and as inheritors of its honourable wine-producing traditions.

After 12 years of extremely rewarding work, my husband and I have given a new lease of life to our vineyards, renovated our wine cellars and fermenting rooms, restored the château and even rebuilt the East tower, which was burnt during the war. As active vine-growers, our mission is to produce wines of the highest quality and with aging potential which are elegant and faithful to their terroir.

We work in our vineyards day after day with simplicity and precision, and are firmly convinced that excellence is the fruit of hard work and minute attention to the slightest detail. Like parents, we watch over each of our plots with affection and are attentive to their potential and character.

Through this sponsorship, we would like to thank this wine-growing region which has already given us so much. La Cité du Vin is a modern and innovative facility for presenting the wealth of the world’s vineyards to those who love and are passionate about wine.


Denise and Stephen Adams - owners