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Château Kirwan

The Schÿler family has owned Château Kirwan since 1926, but as Bordeaux wine traders since 1739 – and still at the head of 2 companies today – the family has been a leading force in the history and development of the region and its wines since the eighteenth century.

Château Kirwan is a winemaking estate in the Margaux appellation, a 3rd Grand Cru Classé in the 1855 Classification. The estate received its name in the eighteenth century from owner Mark Kirwan, a rich Irish businessman who inherited the château from his English father in law. It is difficult to overstate the charms of Château Kirwan, with its beautiful landscape view and magnificent gardens designed by Camille Godard, not to mention the fish pond and rose garden.

The Schÿler family is of German descent, having first established a wine trading business in Bordeaux in 1739 under the name ‘Schröder & Schÿler and Co.’ before later taking responsibility for distributing the wines of Château Kirwan all over the world, and finally buying the estate outright in 1926.

The family has invested heavily in the château over the years, and in 2007 Sophie, Nathalie and Yann Schÿler joined forces to take the reins of the estate with help from Managing Director Philippe Delfaut, a talented oenologist with a peerless understanding of the Margaux terroir. Since 1995, Château Kirwan has also been developing and expanding its wine tourism activities, welcoming visitors and wine-lovers to the estate’s vineyards and wine cellars, introducing them to the techniques of wine tasting and hosting special meals dedicated to the art of food-wine pairings.

La Cité du Vin will be an invaluable landmark of wine culture, and a boost to the development of wine tourism internationally. Having played a significant role in the local development of wine tourism, the Schÿler family is determined to contribute further to the economic, cultural and international development of Bordeaux wine. It is thus with great pleasure that the family became an official patron of La Cité du Vin in 2014.