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Château Lascombes

The estate of Château Lascombes, a second Grand Cru Classé, covers 112 hectares of vines in the Margaux appellation and 6 hectares in the Haut-Médoc. Today it is one of the largest Grand Cru vineyards under the 1855 classification and occupies the most sought-after plots of land in Margaux.

For over 400 years, different generations of owners have left their mark on Château Lascombes’s history: its past is interspersed with highly colourful characters who all contributed to the excellence of Château Lascombes’s wines, from the Knight of Lascombes to the flamboyant Alexis Lichine.

Owned by the MACSF group since 2011, Château Lascombes is managed by a motivated team boasting extensive know-how, led by Dominique Befve. Over the course of the seasons, these men and women work with passion and conviction.

Thanks to its very high standards and the careful work contributing daily to its excellence, Château Lascombes ranks among the very best Margaux. Both firm and smooth, it is a wine of great character with great ageing potential, produced to last for decades.

Since the beginning of this century a wind rose has decorated the seal on the top of Château Lascombes bottles. More than just an accessory, the emblem is a strong reminder of the Château’s open-minded outlook and the successive owners’ tastes for travel and encounters which took them all over the world. Château Lascombes therefore naturally supports La Cité du Vin, a unique, welcoming venue for sharing and exchange. It is yet another opportunity to demonstrate to visitors from all over the world the importance that Château Lascombes places in culture and a passion for wine.