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Château Léoville Barton

In 1722 Thomas Barton left his native Ireland to settle in Bordeaux, which was at that time an important trading port on the Atlantic coast. He created a trading house which still bears the name of Barton to this day. It was his grandson, Hugh, who made the family business even more successful and who amassed the estate’s fortune.

In 1821 he completed the purchase of Château Langoa, and then in 1826 he acquired a section of the Léoville estate. Three generations then subsequently succeeded each other at the head of the two vineyards, but it was Ronald, born in London in 1902, who was the first since Hugh to make a worthy contribution to the family business in France. It was also Ronald who knew how to maintain the integrity of the vineyards during the difficult years between the wars.

Anthony, born in 1930, joined his uncle in 1951. Serving as export manager at Barton & Guestier for several years, he later founded his own company “Les Vins Fins Anthony Barton”. In 1983, three years before his death, Ronald handed down the estates to his nephew. Today the complicity between Anthony and his daughter Lilian Barton Sartorius strengthens and enhances the reputation of Château Langoa and Château Léoville Barton. They respectively represent the sixth and seventh generation.

One night, the soul of wine was singing in the flask: “O man, dear disinherited! to you I sing, This song full of light and of brotherhood, From my prison of glass with its scarlet wax seals.”

Wine is festive and a symbol of sharing. Supporting La Cité du Vin is about representing the passion that runs through the winegrowers.