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Château Lynch-Bages

At the gateway to Pauillac, Lynch-Bages owes part of its name to the ancient hamlet of Bages, which for centuries was home to generations of winemakers.

In the sixteenth century the vineyard was established and then expanded by the Déjean family, one with a lineage of Pauillac dignitaries, solicitors, judges and merchants. Its great wine history began in the eighteenth century, around 1750, when it became the property of Thomas Lynch, son of an immigrant who fled Galway in Ireland following the outbreak of the Jacobite Rebellions that had plunged his homeland into bloodshed. The property then remained in the Lynch family for seventy-five years. At the dawn of the nineteenth century, Jean-Baptiste, appointed Count Lynch by Napoleon I and Peer of France by Louis XVIII, became the Mayor of Bordeaux. During the nineteenth century the estate passed from the Lynch family to Swiss owners and then to a family from Bordeaux. In 1933, Jean-Charles Cazes, who came from a working-class family in Médoc originally from Ariège, acquired the estate. There he demonstrated his talent for growing wine for several decades and forged the international reputation of the estate’s wines.

The history of Lynch-Bages is symbolic of the cosmopolitan nature of the construction of Bordeaux vineyards, their ability to integrate cultures from different origins, to extract the best factors of these cultures and to create a rich and unique wine. For this reason, the Cazes family, the current owners of the estate, are delighted to support La Cité du Vin which will further boost Bordeaux’s great reputation within the global history of wine.