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Château Montrose

Château Montrose was classified as a 2nd Growth in 1855 and boasts an exceptional position in Saint-Estèphe, facing the Gironde Estuary. Its 95-hectare vineyard thus enjoys all the moderating influences of this immense stretch of water, especially in scorching hot summers and excessively harsh winters. Its vineyard in a single stretch endows it with a rare and inestimable advantage in the region. The deep gravel soils, meanwhile, provide the vines with ideal natural drainage conditions.

Since its acquisition in 2006 by Martin and Olivier Bouygues, the whole estate has enjoyed a far-reaching renovation program with strict environmental objectives, showing the new owners’ determination to perpetuate the high quality standards of this Grand Cru Classé and make it an example in terms of vine-growing techniques and sustainable development.

Managed by Hervé Berland since 2012, the estate employs over 60 people in the vines and the winery, all of whom share the same philosophy in their work, based on respect for the terroir and a quest for excellence. The latter can be seen in the meticulous efforts lavished on the land, precision plot selection and blending of the very best of the harvest to make the main wine, Château Montrose. The next selections are dedicated to the Second Wine, La Dame de Montrose, and to the Third Wine, Saint-Estèphe de Montrose.

By its commitment to La Cité du Vin, Château Montrose confirms its interest in this unique concept of worldwide importance and reasserts its attachment to the City of Bordeaux, already recognised as the world’s wine capital.

Because it embodies profound, historic values that have long been upheld by Château Montrose, and in particular the transmission of know-how and quest for excellence and innovation, its owners Martin and Olivier Bouygues have decided to give their support to this iconic project destined to transmit the very same passion for wine and the terroir that drives them.