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Château Pavie

Château Pavie, Saint Emilion 1er Grand Cru Classé "A", is one of the oldest and most prestigious wine estates in the region. The first vines were planted by the Romans in the 4th century. Château Pavie has long been intimately linked to the history of Bordeaux. "Since 1998 and still today, with our daughter Angélique and our son-in-law, Henrique Da Costa, we have had the good fortune to showcase this magnificent south-facing terroir".

Why did we become patrons of the Cité du Vin?

As soon as the project was launched some years ago, we were attracted to the ambitious idea of creating a place dedicated both to celebrating wine in all its facets and establishing Bordeaux as the world wine capital. It was thus without the slightest hesitation, but also with enthusiasm that we contributed to the completion of this centre that is highly emblematic for Bordeaux.

It bears the beautiful name of the "Cité" of "Vin", two words that are particularly dear to our hearts. Since time immemorial, "Cities" great and small have been the scenes of meetings and exchanges, places of openness, life and festivities, but also of history and culture on the move, of discovery, transmission and hospitality. These are concepts that we make a point of associating with the wine in our Bordeaux chateaux all year long. As for "Wine", wine is our passion and our craft. We rejoice in the fact that it has now found an exceptional place inn which to express all its dimensions, its history, its geography, its tastes, its ties with art and culture. Since its very beginnings, wine has been a symbol of a refined lifestyle and it is still synonymous today with good company and the ultimate in art de vivre. La Cité du Vin will be a venue for visitors from all over the world, enabling them to come together and communicate around shared and unifying values. These are qualities that we defend, the same ones that enabled our wines and our vine-growing terroirs to become an official part of "the cultural, gastronomic and landscape heritage of France".