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Cheval Quancard

Maison Cheval Quancard has been a trader and wine-grower since 1844 and is a key player in the world of Bordeaux wine, as strongly attached to the city as it is to its vineyards.

A family-run business with customers all around the world, its values are imbued with the human dimension and are based on tradition, quality and constant progress with regard to environmental protection.

Strongly involved in steering and developing the Bordeaux wine industry, it is natural that its leaders have supported La Cité du Vin project from the outset.

It is also logical that Cheval Quancard wanted to be involved in La Cité du Vin by becoming one of its builder patrons.

With the ambition of embodying “the tradition of the future”, the Maison has chosen to associate its name with the “Multi-sensory space” which in the company’s eyes is the epitome of its values and aspirations.

It is also the company’s preferred way to communicate and share its passion with an Epicurean public which is sensitive to culture, Art de Vivre and conviviality, all fundamental dimensions of wine in all civilisations.