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Depack Design Smart Expérience

Since 1992, Depack Design Smart Expérience has supported its customers in their projects, whatever their needs and wherever their location in the world. With offices located in Bordeaux, Vienna and Hong Kong, this Bordeaux business creates spaces corresponding to the DNA of its clients' brands: stands, displays, shops, professional space landscaping, event-sets; all aspects of work where Depack leaves its mark.

Depack offers a personalised approach to each project according to clients’ expectations, their organisations and their desired time allowance for completion of the project. According to the nature of the project, the creative and marketing team accompanies them throughout. Beginning at the design phase, the team provides them with the utmost attention that best meets their requirements.

Working regularly for players in the wine industry, it is with great enthusiasm that Frédéric Cauchois, Founder and Director of Depack, wished to become a patron of La Cité du Vin project. This commitment made perfect sense for the business leader who sees this project as a great tool for economic, cultural and tourism promotion of the city of Bordeaux and the Aquitaine region.

At the helm of Depack since 1992, the Bordeaux entrepreneur describes his role as civic participation aiming to encourage other business leaders to join this unique project.