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Diam - Tonnellerie Seguin Moreau

Created on June 18 2003, the Oeneo international group is a major player in the vine-growing sector thanks to its top-of-the-range innovative brands that are present throughout the world in all the stages of winemaking: from the vineyard to corking the bottles.

Combining tradition and modernity, from the creation in 1838 of the Seguin cooperage, a brand born of the French tradition of craftsmanship, to the most recent creation of Vivelys in 1995, the group relies on know-how acquired over the decades and works with the greatest universities in the world to enhance the synergy between wine, wood and oxygen.

Driven by the same ambition, our 950 staff members are passionate about their work: helping producers of wines and spirits to manufacture and bottle their finest growths and brandies.

The success of the Oeneo group is confirmed by powerful leading brands on their respective markets.

Vivelys, a leader in wine engineering, advises and assists vine growers all the way through the production process with different solutions, among them the premium-range Boisé® wood shavings for profiling wines

Diam  & Piedade, number 2 worldwide for corks, offer a complete and innovative range of corks, notably Diam, "the guardian of aromas", ensuring that the fruit of the vine-grower's labour can be enjoyed over time with a constant degree of quality.

The Seguin Moreau cooperage, the world's number 1 premium cooperage brand, uses oenological knowledge and scientific tools that enable it to manufacture products that are increasingly adapted to ageing wines and winemakers' expectations, a "100% Oenological" company.

It thus seemed natural for the Oeneo group to support the ambitious La Cité du Vin project. This approach goes hand in hand with our desire to support ambitious initiatives that enable it to sustain research, counsel vine growers and educate consumers. La Cité du Vin conveys the same values as Oeneo: the alliance of tradition and modernity, boldness and the love of wine.