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Distillerie Douence

A family business founded in 1947, the Distillerie Douence is today one of the region’s key players, specialised in the recycling of by-products from winemaking (grape marc and wine lees) and wine distillation.

Set in the heart of the Entre-Deux-Mers wine area, the business has grown beyond the region, buying stakes in eight distilleries established in southwest France, and taking over the Tête Noire vinegar manufacturer in 1995.

A producer of alcohol of viticultural origin, the business has gradually diversified into the extraction of grape pips, tartrate of lime and grape pulp, and the production of standardised organic fertilisers and soil improvers made from grape marc. The business also produces biogas.

The company fits into the circular economy model:

  • Collecting grape marc and wine lees each year from several thousand wine-growers and wine traders.
  • Recycling them as raw materials to supply the agri-food, agricultural and energy industries (such as oil mills, tartaric acid businesses, etc.). 

The Distillerie Douence distils wines for the production of Brandy. It is also a responsible business, as everything is reused in the various stages of the activity chain. Even the recovered water is recycled in the distillery.

With know-how and expertise in the environmental treatment of wine by-products, the business plays a key environmental role in the wine industry. These skills have been passed on and today the third generation has joined the adventure.

Becoming a patron of La Cité du Vin was an obvious step for the Distillerie Douence, a wine-making partner for more than 60 years enjoying close ties with wine-growers and traders. This flagship project will promote Bordeaux and wines in an innovative, cultural and entertaining way, making this world accessible to a great many people. It is a great honour for the Distillerie Douence to be part of this ambitious project and to be one of the Builders of La Cité du Vin.