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Groupe Apicil - Mutuelle Intégrance

United in their commitment to supporting projects of social significance, the APICIL Group  and Mutuelle Intégrance have joined forces with La Cité du Vin to ensure optimal accessibility for visitors with disabilities.

The APICIL Group was created over 75 years ago in the interests of protecting businesses and their employees, and has always been closely involved with community projects. As President Michel Bodoy proudly points out, every year APICIL supports numerous initiatives bringing together all sorts of partners, both private and public. In 2014 the group devoted 14 million Euros to community projects and actions in favour of its clients.

Mutuelle Intégrance is a health insurer founded by the families of people with disabilities. For over 35 years Intégrance has been working tirelessly to allow people living with disabilities to play a full and active role in society. Intégrance will work with La Cité du Vin to ensure that the new centre is open to all, particularly disabled, elderly and fragile visitors. Jean Barucq, President of Intégrance, has reiterated the company’s enthusiasm and determination to play an active role in projects to expand access to the CCV’s exhibitions.