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Groupe Legendre

A major reference in building and public works in the west of France and the Paris region, Legendre Group currently operates all over France and overseas in its 3 main business sectors: Building, Property and Energy.

This family business is based in Rennes and employs more than 1,600 people. It posted turnover of €440 million in 2016. It is now focusing its growth in geographical sectors where it can export its expertise and bring its added value.

Legendre Group has been growing steadily since its creation. Its strength lies in its ability, throughout this growth, to safeguard the closeness and independence of a family business built on strong values of rigour, professionalism, implication and fulfilment of commitments, values which are shared by every employee and lay the foundations of another vision of building.

In late 2015, Legendre Group acquired the ‘La Fourrière’ plot of land and the project initiated by the Bordeaux Métropole Aménagement semi-public company. Re-named the ‘Ilot Bacalan’, this development operation near the Garonne, between the Bassins -à-Flots and La Cité du Vin, will mark the company’s foothold in the Aquitaine region and will see the creation of an agency for the Group’s property and building teams in Rue Gironde.

As part of the urban renewal project for the industrial port district of Bordeaux Bacalan, the Group will be conducting a mixed development project on the site of the city's former car pound.

Following the building of the Cité du Vin car park and the Halles de Bacalan market which opened in November 2017, Legendre Group is pursuing its development of the area with the construction of 23,000m² of office space, two hotels (3- and 5-star) and a youth hostel.

As a local player with an ambition to design, build and develop genuine living areas, it was a natural move for Legendre Group to contribute to the attractiveness of Bordeaux and its region. Appreciative of the values transmitted by the La Cité du Vin, not to mention its architecture, the Group therefore joined the circle of Builder Patrons of the Fondation pour la Culture et les Civilisations du Vin.