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H&A Location


 perational management of barrel inventories

Pioneer in the market dedicated to the operational management of barrel stock, H&A  was created in 2004 and is today’s leading player in this market. H&A’s objective is to facilitate the management and monitoring of considerable barrel inventories, proposing an offer of 3 services: financial management, inventory management and resale management.

H&A, an international focus

Since the creation of H&A, we are established in winegrowing regions, with local structures favouring close proximity to our customers and partners. We have 3 offices in France: Bordeaux (Head Office), Burgundy and the Rhone Valley. An extension of the company led to the opening of a new branch in Madrid in 2006, then in San Francisco in 2010, and finally in Milan in 2013.

H&A, builder patron of La Cité du Vin project

With more than 1,000 customers and 500,000 barrels under management, H&A has quickly become an important partner of the wine world. A direct contribution to the development of La Cité du Vin was an obvious step for us to take.