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Established in Bordeaux in 1895, the company Laffort has always specialised in the wine sector and specifically in oenological products. A family company now being run by the fourth generation, Laffort is a market leader thanks to the quality of its products and its constant innovations. Laffort was involved in the early stages of the development of oenology which followed Pasteur and his fundamental discoveries. Its scientific advances have enabled it to move from curative oenology based primarily on pure chemistry to preventative oenology drawing on biotechnology.

Laffort has stood out thanks to its strong involvement in research, both applied and fundamental. Resolutely forward-looking, the company has been able to demonstrate the relevance of its research through the recognised quality and performance of its products. Laffort is therefore behind a large number of modern oenological discoveries validated by numerous international patents. This dynamism and strong involvement in R&D are the reason for the company’s international reach.

Laffort is also characterised by its mastery of production tools, enabling it to offer high-tech expertise and services specific to oenology. These specialist production units and a consistent commitment to oenology enable winemakers to optimise and maintain the quality of their wines.

Remaining faithful to its trade, perpetuating its family tradition, and thanks to its innovative stance, Laffort has a presence in more than 50 countries. Its products, born of its expertise and technical innovations, are sought-after all over the world for use in creating high-quality wines which show respect for nature so as to meet the new, ever increasing demands of consumers.

By its very nature, its daily commitment to oenology is its raison d’être.

Alongside our full support for La Cité du Vin cultural project, we also wanted to help create a centre which would become the symbol of our metropolis’s social, economic and cultural development.

Building on our 120 years of daily commitment to oenology in Bordeaux, it seemed only natural for us to contribute to a cultural project focusing on wine which will boost the international profile of Bordeaux, its oenological research hub and its wines.