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L.D. Vins

The firm L.D. Vins was born from the mutual passion of two friends, Frédéric de Luze and Thierry Decré, for Bordeaux fine wines. Founded in 1992, L.D. Vins was able to gradually establish itself amongst individuals as well as on the market, becoming one of the key traders of Bordeaux fine wine.

Every day the team of 35 people ensure the distribution and promotion of the finest Bordeaux Grands Crus across the world. Our offices are located on the Garonne, opposite the legendary Chartrons pier, and offer breathtaking panoramic views of the “Port de la Lune” giving a nod to the history of the port that formed the wealth of Bordeaux trade.

Wine, and Bordeaux wine in particular, is a drink like no other; when you open the bottle, it is a book of many histories, of stories and poetry offered to us. It is this cultural dimension that L.D. Wines strives daily to convey to its customers worldwide. We welcome the creation of La Cité du Vin in Bordeaux, our city, with open arms, as this project is another wonderful way to highlight this heritage that makes our country so unique.

L.D. Wines is a company rooted in Bordeaux that takes great pride in its heritage and fully embraces this project combining tourism, education and various enterprises which will help promote the city and the prosperity of our business. It therefore seemed clear and essential for us to get involved and to provide significant participation.