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Maison Bouey

Maison Bouey is one of the very last independent family-run companies in Bordeaux, deeply rooted in the Bordeaux terroir and geared towards innovation and the world as a whole.

Still in its original home of Ambarès, Maison Bouey was founded in 1958 by Roger Bouey and his sons Serge and André, part of a long tradition of winegrowing and winemaking, a family history dating back to 1821. Also the owner of other estates including Château Maison Blanche and Château Lestruelle, two Médoc Crus Bourgeois, Maison Bouey is currently run by Patrick Bouey. 

Building on the past and looking resolutely towards the future, Maison Bouey’s reach now extends to more than sixty countries. New ultra-modern production facilities and storage cellars were inaugurated in 2010. Maison Bouey is meeting its customers’ requirements with a commitment to excellence. 

La Cité du Vin is a globally unique initiative designed to present the worlds of wine and of Bordeaux in all their wealth, culture, quality and diversity to visitors from all over the world. As a founding patron that shares the same values, Maison Bouey views this as an opportunity to get involved in this major showcase and support it with conviction.