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Nath Johnston & fils

W. JOHNSTON, a Scotsman by origin, founded NATH JOHNSTON & FILS in 1734 having recently moved to France. At the time he was a simple broker.
The company’s reputation only started to develop a decade later with the purchase of large wine storehouses allowing production of the famous "New French Claret".
However, it was at the start of the 19th century that NATH JOHNSTON & FILS really took off: in 1804 its wine storehouses covered an area of 15,000 m² with a capacity for 25,000 barrels and 2 million bottles.
Nathaniel JOHNSTON (the 2nd of this name) represented the 4th generation at the head of the company, a member of the Chamber of Commerce, and was strongly involved in the establishment of the famous Classification of 1855.
The 5th generation purchased several well-known properties in Médoc, which were later sold.

Today, Denis, Archibald and Ivanhoé JOHNSTON have taken over from their father Nathaniel (the 3rd of this name). They have been joined by Laure and Thomas, the 10th generation, and continue to represent the family passion which for nearly three centuries has been pursuing the same objective: presenting, promoting and trading quality wines.

NATH JOHNSTON & FILS secures and maintains strong partnerships with its importers. Aiming to be an ambassador for the traditional world of Bordeaux fine wines and to ensure it lives on, the company strives to provide quality services across the world.

With 300 years of experience under its belt and an unshakable presence in the inter-professional spheres of the viticultural and business sector of the city of Bordeaux, it was logical that NATH JOHNSTON & FILS wanted to participate in this project.
The Cité du Vin will be without a doubt a cultural and historic location which will contribute to the reputation of Bordeaux and its wines.