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Syndicat Régional des Courtiers en Vins de Bordeaux

The City of Bordeaux, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, deserves a wine tourism centre worthy of its wines and its rich wine heritage.

The Courtiers en Vins de Bordeaux  (Bordeaux wine brokers) are confident that La Cité du Vin will meet these expectations. Linked to the civilisation of Bordeaux wines for centuries, the Courtiers immediately and collectively responded favourably to the patronage of this fabulous project.

Discreet yet essential intermediaries between the winegrowing and trading processes, the Courtiers are specialists in Bordeaux wine, with expertise founded on a knowledge of taste, but also and above all a great knowledge of the vineyards and terroir, legitimising their intervention in wine pricing and classifications, in the image of the most undisputed of them all, that of 1855! The 1855 classification was created by the Bordeaux Union of Brokers, a group that, in 1855, bore more than one hundred and fifty years of experience and knowledge of these fabulous wines.

Today, be they Grand Cru brokers or campaign brokers, these “advocates” and passionate wine lover, continue to discover and enjoy great wines, known and unknown by the general public, wines that La Cité du Vin will make accessible to each and every one of us.