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Tonnellerie Demptos - Tonnellerie Radoux

Tonnellerie François Frères is a century-old international family business that boasts four generations of expertise in oak barrels and wine. The TFF Group is today’s world leader in wood for the ageing of wine and spirits and is proud to support this iconic and innovative project that is La Cité du Vin.

This project of international scope for culture, tourism and the economy reinforces the city of Bordeaux and its region's status as the global and cultural wine capital.

For our century-old company operating in an ancient craft, the opportunity to participate in the transmission, protection and influence of the legacy of wine civilisations is a mission that fits perfectly with our philosophy.

We have ourselves passed our ancestral know-how on to our sites on five different continents, so we enthusiastically encourage this project which encompasses the values of hospitality, sharing, feelings, emotions and dreams, all important aspects which drive the TFF Group.