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Vinadéis - Cordier Mestrezat

France’s biggest winegrowing and winemaking cooperative group (17,000 hectares of vines, 12 winemaking centres across Languedoc, Roussillon, Aquitaine and the Rhône Valley uniting more than 1600 winegrowers who are members and shareholders), VINADEIS is now the country’s number one winery.

With more than 520 staff members and a turnover of €310 million (including €100 million abroad), the group has unique expertise in producing, vinifying and aging wine across the south of France. Possessing state-of-the-art packaging, supply chain and marketing tools, VINADEIS has a selection of 100 estates and chateaux (including 45 of its own), and renowned expertise in brands and private labels, as well as in the bulk wine trade, organic wines and innovation, all fully centred on customer satisfaction.

VINADEIS also has historic roots in Bordeaux with the prestigious Cordier and Mestrezat trading houses, specialists in chateaux and Grands Crus Classés and renowned for their expertise in high-quality blending, and which strive to make the finest Bordeaux wines known to as many people as possible in France and across the world, including a large range of their own vintages.

VINADEIS recently established a strategic partnership with France’s top agricultural cooperative group, InVivo, to become an international benchmark in the field of wine, with the aim of placing the cooperative group at the forefront of French agriculture abroad. This new division, named InVivo Wine, is focussed on growth abroad in branded wines, Grands Crus and bulk wine.

VINADEIS combines a pioneering spirit and open outlook with a strong attachment to the values of respect for humans and the land. Our cooperative model has prompted us to support initiatives which perpetuate and promote our region – common-sense campaigns designed to support our landscapes and economy.

VINADEIS has transformed vineyard landscapes into an “organised garden” and is a key player in local economic life, with winegrowers playing an active role in local sustainable development. As a wine producer committed to its region, it was therefore a natural choice for the group to become a partner of the construction project for La Cité du Vin and to support the work to promote the spaces around the La Cité du Vin venue. 

“This project is a veritable invitation to discover, share and experience,” emphasises Bertrand Girard, Chairman of the VINADEIS Board of Directors, “a vehicle of the heritage and values of wine and an expression of culture and innovation within the world of wine, serving as a showcase for quality across the world and flying high the flag of our vineyards.”