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The Wine Merchant

Founded in 1998 by Christophe Reboul Salze, The Wine Merchant is now a company with an international dimension, expert and specialised in the trading of Bordeaux Grands Crus Classés, and marketing more than a million prestigious bottles worldwide.

In 2010, The Wine Merchant expanded by opening an office in Hong Kong (The Wine Merchant HK).

A lover of the great terroirs, Christophe Reboul Salze also owns Châteaux producing racy, ample wines (Chateau Gigault Cuvée Viva, Château les Grands Maréchaux and Château Belle Coline).

Engaging in the innovative and ambitious project of La Cité du Vin was a must for someone so enthusiastic and passionate about wine culture.

At the crossroads between dream and reality, between history and the future, between philosophy and know-how, between Bordeaux and the rest of the world, this unique and universal concept was essential to Bordeaux which has naturally become the wine capital of the world.

Attractive in its modernity, its architectural boldness and consistency, this cosmopolitan project finally offers the public an approach that is both rewarding and engaging, a fun and cultural experience in the world of wine which is too often perceived as inaccessible.

We are pleased to contribute to this great adventure and are convinced that it will be a success.