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Created in 1996, DÉFIS is now a renowned company specialised in the sale and implementation of management solutions and IT equipment for small businesses in Nouvelle Aquitaine.

On a daily basis, DÉFIS is supported by a sales and technical team devoted to the roll-out of its solutions, from installation to user training.

The company selects the best software publishers and equipment manufacturers with innovative technologies in each field.

It attaches great importance to the certification of its consultants, the availability of its teams and the continuous development of its services.

The support of DEFIS for La Cité du Vin came as a natural extension of its positioning as an innovative local company, looking towards the future and attached to its Bordeaux roots.

DÉFIS shares in and seeks to promote a certain vision through this unique new cultural and architectural concept.

‘We are committed to bringing our patronage support to the cultural programme of La Cité du Vin, which aims to promote the culture and civilisations of wine through a highly innovative, immersive and experiential approach...’

Charles Heintz, Managing Director of DÉFIS