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Domaines François Lurton

François Lurton embodies the 4th generation of this winegrowing family which has been producing wines from various appellations throughout the Bordeaux region since 1897. Looking to broaden his horizons beyond these prestigious terroirs, he created his own company in 1988, with his brother Jacques, and together they have explored the vineyards of the world, from Moldova to Argentina, Spain and Portugal. Today he runs the company which owns estates in Argentina (Bodega Piedra Negra), Chile (Hacienda Araucano), Spain (Bodega Campo Eliseo, El Albar Lurton, Hermanos Lurton) and France (Domaines Francois Lurton), and he continues to put great energy and creativity into producing wines that are the best possible reflection of their terroir.

The support of Domaines François Lurton for La Cité du Vin was an obvious choice for this world winegrower and is in keeping with the family tradition of philanthropy and patronage.