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Become patrons of La Cité du Vin cultural season

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La Cité du Vin is entirely funded by its own resources (ticket and boutique sales, privatisations and retail leasing) and by private funds from patronage; a first for French cultural facilities.

Corporations contribute to the development of the cultural programme at La Cité du Vin. Their donations allow the Fondation pour la Culture et les Civilisations du Vin to offer rich and varied cultural cycles: temporary exhibitions, free events, workshops and guided tours.

Through this programme, the Foundation passes on the age-old culture of wine to the broadest audience possible, enlightens its meaning and contributes to the protection and transmission of this intangible and universal heritage.

Become a patron of La Cité du Vin and contribute to a mission recognised as being in the public interest, by funding:

  • Two major temporary exhibitions per year
  • Multiple events organised in the Thomas Jefferson auditorium
  • Activities for everyone, from novices to experts, from young children to adults

the projects to support

Why support La Cité du Vin?

  • Partner an event on the cultural programme
  • Contribute to the life of La Cité du Vin
  • Have your company’s image associated with that of La Cité du Vin
  • Share your commitment with your staff
  • Meet other active patron companies

Benefit from tax rebates thanks to your patronage: every donation is deductible at a rate of 60 % from corporation tax, up to 5 ‰ of company turnover (Art. 238 bis of the French General Tax Code).

How do I become a patron?

Each patron is associated with the cultural season for the current year or the year to come. Depending on the amount of your donation, you can contribute to a temporary art or heritage exhibition, a cycle of conferences or debates, a category of wine workshops, world vineyard discovery weekends, festivals, guided tours, accessibility for all, etc.


  • Vintage Patronage, starting at donations of €5K (actual cost €2K after tax rebate)
    > General support for the cultural season
  • Grand Vintage Patronage, starting at donations of €10K (actual cost €4K after tax rebate)
    > For example: patronage of a cycle in the cultural season
  • Remarkable Vintage Patronage, starting at donations of €25K (actual cost €10K after tax rebate)
    > For example:  patronage of the ‘Guest Vineyard’ exhibition
  • Outstanding Vintage Patronage, starting at donations of €50K (actual cost €20K after tax rebate)
    > For example:  grand patron of the temporary art exhibition

What advantages can you benefit from?

Become an active patron:*

  • Your company name featured on the cultural programme of La Cité du Vin for the current season (6 months), 60,000 copies published
  • Invitations made available to you
  • Areas of La Cité du Vin made available to you for your events
  • Your name visible on the annual patrons’ wall on the ground floor of La Cité du Vin
  • A dedicated page and patron space on La Cité du Vin’s website
  • Access/Invitations to events
  • Patronage signature available for your communication
  • Association with the media plan for the event you are supporting (posters and associated formats)

*Up to 20% of the total of your donation. Further information available on request.


Géraldine Thomas-Clerc
Director of development
+33 (0)547500612
1, esplanade de Pontac - 33300 Bordeaux - FRANCE