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The projects to support

To promote and share the culture and civilisations of wine, the Fondation boasts a range of different fields of action for which it solicits the support of private funding. View the different projects to support.

The areas of action you could contribute to include temporary exhibitions, music, theatre, cinema and science programmes, creation of specific mediation projects, collection of document resources, supporting research & creation, joint publishing.

Picasso et le vin

Picasso and the wine

For its fifth major exhibition, the Cité du Vin honors one of the greatest artists of recent centuries: Pablo Picasso.

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des vignes et des hommes

Vines and People

Every month, La Cité du Vin invites visitors to the auditorium for a presentation and screening of a short film (26 minutes) on a wine region from the documentary series Des Vignes et des Hommes (Vines and People), co-pro

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A Harvest of Knowledge

As part of its campaign to inform the general public, the Institute of Vine and Wine Sciences has joined forces with La Cité du Vin to outsource some of its work in the form of thematic conferences. A Harvests of Knowledge therefore creates spaces for discussing topics of universal scope designed to open up a dialogue about wine civilisations. 

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La Cité du Vin accessibility

Accessibility to as many people as possible is a philosophy of openness to the world which the La Cité du Vin teams aim to promote on a daily basis. This choice matches the ‘universal’ theme and positioning being developed at La Cité du Vin. La Cité du Vin holds Tourism and Disability certification for the four disability categories.

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Great Interviews

An opportunity for very special exchanges, La Cité du Vin’s Great Interviews offer ‘carte blanche’ to major figures from the wine world. These encounters take the form of a fruitful discussion between the guest and one or more other figures.

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