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Great Interviews

Meet wine personalities

An opportunity for very special exchanges, La Cité du Vin’s Great Interviews offer ‘carte blanche’ to major figures from the wine world. These encounters take the form of a fruitful discussion between the guest and one or more other figures.

Why support the Great Interviews?

Wine would be nothing without the people who make it. Supporting these great interviews means giving as many people as possible an opportunity to meet major wine figures, all of whom have helped to make the world of winegrowing and winemaking what it is today.

The Foundation thanks Patrons of this themed area

  • You will enjoy the benefits of being a Patron of a La Cité du Vin cultural season
  • Company name and logo displayed on event communications
  • Patron’s name displayed at the entrance to the event
  • VIP invitations to the event

Become Patron of La Cité du Vin cultural season

As a company

  • Become Patron of the Great Interviews  – Donation of at least €10k per season

Access to the corporate offer

As an individual

Participate in the development of La Cité du Vin cultural seasons by making a donation. Any amount from €10.00 - IR and IFI tax exemption available.

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