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A Harvest of Knowledge


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As part of its campaign to inform the general public, the Institute of Vine and Wine Sciences has joined forces with La Cité du Vin to outsource some of its work in the form of thematic conferences. A Harvests of Knowledge therefore creates spaces for discussing topics of universal scope designed to open up a dialogue about wine civilisations. 


  • How about adding a little science to your wine? - Tuesday 22 January
  • Friend or Foe? The wine of Apollinaire and Baudelaire - Tuesday 5 February
  • Wine and the sea during the reign of Louis XIV - Tuesday 5 March
  • Can we explain the fruity expression of red wines? - Tuesday 26 March
  • Global warming and vine: the issues at stake - Tuesday 2 April
  • Wine of the future, between innovation and tradition - Tuesday 7 May
  • The harmony of flavours: a subtle balance - Tuesday 21 May 
  • Wine in 2030 - Les Balades Savantes Walking Tours - Saturday 15 June
  • Programme of upcoming events available soon

Why support « A Harvest of Knowledge »?

Help to improve knowledge of wine and the dissemination of research findings by supporting the ‘Harvest of Knowledge’ conferences: whether human sciences, biology or something else again, every field of knowledge is tackled by these conferences which highlight the very latest research findings.

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