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Wine Culture Workshops

Whether novice or well-informed enthusiast, whether young or old

Workshops give visitors an opportunity to discover more about the culture and civilisations of wine, and explore wine’s universal dimension and cultural and heritage aspects above and beyond tasting alone via activities for all (workshops, guided tours and more).

Whether novice or well-informed enthusiast, young or old, there is something to tempt every visitor.

Why support Wine Culture Workshops?

By supporting these workshops, you are helping the Fondation pour la Culture et les Civilisations du Vin to:

  • Present wine in an innovative way to as many people as possible
  • Highlight the multisensory nature of tastings
  • Develop tasting education in an original way
  • Offer an opportunity to explore a selection of the world’s wines in one place

The Foundation thanks Patrons of this themed area

  • You will enjoy the benefits of being a Patron of a La Cité du Vin cultural season
  • Company name and logo displayed on all communications relating to the event
  • Opportunity to arrange a private workshop for your staff and/or customers

Become Patron of La Cité du Vin cultural season

As a company

  • Become Patron of a Wine Culture Workshops – Donation of at least €10k per season

Access to the corporate offer

As an individual

Participate in the development of La Cité du Vin cultural seasons by making a donation. Any amount from €10.00 - IR and IFI tax exemption available.

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