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Want to visit Bordeaux wineries?

Published 30 June 2017

Want to visit one of Bordeaux’s 7,000 wineries but don’t know where to start? Look no further, just head to La Cité du Vin for your first introduction to wine culture then proceed to the vineyard and meet the men and women behind the wines, thanks to the Wine Tour Desk, in La Cité du Vin hall, and its online booking platform Bordeaux Wine Trip!

Step 1: Bordeaux within the La Cité du Vin permanent tour

Whether you are a novice, enthusiast or professional, La Cité du Vin will immerse you in an exploration of every facet of wine and offer up the keys to understanding the secrets of Bordeaux’s vineyards.

Embark on a sensory and immersive journey across more than 3,000m2 of open exhibition space plus nearly 20 themed interactive areas.
Available in eight languages, the Permanent tour offers a portrait of wine civilisations and devotes two entire modules to the cultural wealth of Bordeaux’s vineyards:

  • Bordeaux: the City and its wines: discover how wine has left its mark on the cities and landscapes of Bordeaux. Watch as Bordeaux evolves over the eras, choosing an emblematic figure to be your ‘guide’: artist, inhabitant or famous traveller. Discover legendary locations such as the medieval port of Tropeyte, the Chartrons district in the 17th century, the Mitchell glass factory or 19th-century barrel stores.
  • The Epic Tale of Bordeaux: Bordeaux may now be famed across the world for its wines, but its history has been a series of golden ages and crises. The Epic Tale of Bordeaux offers up all the secrets of this lengthy history bursting with adventure and characters: political alliances, the role of winemaking brotherhoods, territorial conquest, the strategies and doggedness of generations of winemakers, technical innovations, commercial daring and inventiveness, and scientific discoveries.

Step 2: Winery TOURS 

If visiting La Cité du Vin makes you feel like going further, take advantage of your stay in Bordeaux to go and meet Bordeaux winemakers in person and discover the men and women behind Bordeaux wine as a part of gourmet, sensory and tasting tours at the estates themselves.

There are lots of opportunities for you to enjoy an authentic experience and explore the secrets behind the seductive aromas of each Bordeaux wine.
So don’t hesitate to head out and explore one of the 63 appellations in the world’s greatest fine wine region and immerse yourself in a wealth of unique expertise.

Information about Bordeaux vineyard and wine tourism can be found on the website or directly from the Wine Tour Desk team in La Cité du Vin hall.


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